Bear watching from Sweden's southernmost hide 

Just 2 hours from Stockholm airport (Arlanda) you can experience wild brown bears. In northern Gastrikland is a purpose-built forest cabin where both bears and other animals are seen on many occasions.


Sara and the bears from jakobwallin on Vimeo.


In the afternoon (at 15.00) we gather at the Wild Nordics Gallery. A filling sandwich is served and we go through all the practical information. After a short distance through the woods, the guide will show you the way into the hide, and on your own, you begin the exciting scouting.
The hide is on a small hill and has views in three directions. In the mossy pine forest with large boulders, a bear can pop up at any time. You are safe in the hide. The bears are very shy so try to be quiet to not scare them away. 

Besides bears, great spotted woodpecker, grey-headed woodpecker and the jay often turn up. 
Sometimes a buzzard or goshawk may even land. A fox could tiptoe past and sometimes a 
black woodpecker sits in the pines around the hide. Great tit, blue tit, nuthatch, tree creeper, 
chaffinch, brambling, robin and willow tit are also continuous guests.
The hide contains 9 windows / photo openings and large bunk beds with pillows and blankets and a simple toilet. There are bean bags and swing tripods for your camera. The bears often hover around 20-30 metres from the hide. 100-400 mm lens is good to use. You can also take photos through the clean windows, with smaller cameras or mobile phones.

In the morning you are picked up by the guide and a buffet breakfast is served in the gallery. 
Maybe you've been awake all night and need a rest before the journey home. You are welcome to use one of our guest rooms.
The hide has 4 seats.
Season: 10th of May to 10th of September. All days of the week except Mondays.


Price per person: 2400 SEK
Children of all ages are welcome when accompanied by an adult. Ask about our family offers.

Pre-season Bear watching 20 April - 9 May: The bears show up around the hide from the end of March. As the ground may be snow covered during this time of year and it might not be possible to drive on the road, we may have to walk 2 km through the forest to get to the hide. Therefore you must be in good physical conditions and we don’t allow children under 15 years. We also meet up one hour earlier during this period.
The price includes:
Hearty afternoon tea on arrival
Transport to and from the hide
One night in the hide
Breakfast Buffet
Access to the guest room / resting place
Warm slippers
Bird- and animal books (in English)
To bring:
* Good shoes
* Camera
* Food and drink for the time in the hide (at approx 17-08)

To consider:
* Do not take things with rustling packaging (eg, chip bags). Repack such things in lunch boxes / plastic boxes.
* No strong perfumes / detergent or other strong scents. Preferably come "neutral".

You can book a packed meal for the time in the hide (17-08)
175 SEK per person (pasta salad, sandwich, fruit, tea/coffee, lemonade)

For more info / reservations:



* The latest seasons, bears have been seen at 85% of the sessions.
* There are two beds in the hide, 140x200 cm. Blankets and pillows are available, no need to bring sleeping bags or similar. There are also a toilet in the hide.
* There are good binoculars in the hide.
* Your car is parked at the Wild Nordics gallery overnight.
* You will be picked up and dropped off by the guide.
* We go by car about 7 km and walk about 400 meters after the tractor road / path.
* You can bring your own packed meal or book a packed meal for the time in the hide for 175 SEK. It includes: Dinner / Sandwiches / Soft drink / Coffee and tea
* The hide has 9 photo openings on 3 of the 4 walls.
* Bears hover 10-40 meters from the hide. For photography use a 100-400 mm lens. It is of course also possible to use simple cameras with shorter focal length.

* Species (except bear) that can be seen (based on the seasons 2018 & 2019):
Almost always: common jay, chaffinch, great spotted woodpecker, squirrel
Often: badger, fox, willow tit, bullfinch, blue tit, great tit
Sometimes: black woodpecker, grey-headed woodpecker, crossbill, treecreeper, brambling, buzzards, goshawks, sparrow hawk, raven, great tit, crow, magpie, robin, thrust.
Rarely: golden eagle, sea eagle, wolf, pine marten



This activity is done on nature's terms and there is no guarantee of what we will see / hear / experience.

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Travel with public transport to Wild Nordic
You are welcome to arrive earlier or stay longer, so it works with the bus- and train schedules. You can rest or look through your photos. Or maybe do a hike on the nice path ”Gästrikeleden, that pass just outside the door!

Links to train and bus companies to go to Wild Nordic:

Train to Gävle/Sandviken with SJ

Train to Gävle/Sandviken with Tåg i Bergslagen

Train to Gävle/Sandviken with Upptåget

Bus from Gävle to Sandviken (number 41) and bus from Sandviken to Kungsberg (number 43) X-Trafik

The bus (number 43) stops 10 metres from Wild Nordic!