Eye to eye with an eagle

It is breathtaking when a golden eagle comes in for a landing only a few meters in front of the hide. To see an eagle up close with their huge wingspan, beautiful markings and sharp gaze is an extraordinary experience.



Out in the wilderness, there´s a purpose-built forest cabin where many birds can be seen during the
In the morning, we gather in the Wild Nordic photo gallery for coffee and practical information.
After walking a short distance through the woods, the guide shows you to the hide, and on your
own, you begin the exciting reconnaissance.

After a short car transport we walk 400 metres to the hide. The guide will show you everything in the hide and then you start the exciting watch on your own.

The hide is on a small hill and has views in three directions. It is in a mossy pine forest with
large boulders and has many species of birds, such as different types of woodpecker, eagles and small birds. The fox can tiptoe past and squirrels often jump around between the trees.

Posts and bird perches are posted around the hide for the best possible chance to see and
photograph the birds.

The hide has 9 windows / photo openings and large bunk beds with pillows and blankets and a
simple toilet. There are bean bags for cameras and also swing tripods. 200-500 mm lens is good for taking photos. There are bean bags and swing tripods for your camera equipment.
At sunset, you are collected by the guide after a hopefully busy bird watching day.

There are insulating mats on the floor, a gas heater, slippers, hand/feet warmers and good blankets.

The hide has 4 seats. Price per person: 1900 SEK

Children of all ages are welcome when accompanied by an adult. Ask about family offers.

For the best chance to see golden eagle / white tailed eagle we go to hide in the dark (about 1.5-2
hours before sunrise) so any eagles should not be frightened. Guests are picked up at the
agreed time, around sunset. 

The winter season 2017/2018, the golden eagles were seen 85% of the days.


Gathering times, Kungsbergsvägen 60, Wild Nordic:

1st of Dec – 10th of Dec : 06.30
11th  of Dec – 10th of Jan: 07.00
11th of Jan – 25th of Jan: 06.30
26th of Jan – 5th of Feb: 06.00
6th of Feb- 16th of Feb: 05.30
17th of Feb – 26th of Feb: 05.00
27th of Feb – 8th of March: 04:30

Accomodation the night before
Tea/coffee on arrival
Transportation to and from the photo gallery
A full day in the hide
Warm slippers
Reuseable hand/feet varmer
Bird book (English + Swedish)

To bring:
Winter boots / boots
Warm clothing
Food and beverages for the time in the hide

To consider:
- Do not use rustling packaging (eg, chip bags). Pack of such, lunch boxes / plastic cans.
For more info / reservations: info@wildnordic.se

This activity is done on nature's terms and there is no guarantee of what we will see / hear /

In case of cancellation, due to weather conditions, made by Wild Nordic, the total amount will be paid back.







This activity is done on nature's terms and there is no guarantee of what we will see / hear /


Travel with public transport to Wild Nordic
You are welcome to arrive earlier or stay longer, so it works with the bus- and train schedules. You can rest or look through your photos. Or maybe do a hike on the nice path ”Gästrikeleden, that pass just outside the door!

Links to train and bus companies to go to Wild Nordic:

Train to Gävle/Sandviken with SJ

Train to Gävle/Sandviken with Tåg i Bergslagen

Train to Gävle/Sandviken with Upptåget

Bus from Gävle to Sandviken (number 41) and bus from Sandviken to Kungsberg (number 43) X-Trafik

The bus (number 43) stops 10 metres from Wild Nordic!