Our environmental plan aims to include our entire business and is important from both the customer's perspective and our own development. Below we briefly describe how we work with sustainability as one of the pillars to take into account in all parts of the business.

- In all our activities, we communicate the importance of respecting and nurturing the environment we live and are active in based on both environmental, social and economic aspects. This is to increase our customers awareness while minimizing the risk of negative impacts. For example, highlight the importance of respecting the Swedish “All man's right” (a national guideline of how to act in public land) and what it means, respecting local regulations and the specific activity-based rules we set to guarantee both security and access to the arena we operate.

- When serving food to customers, we use local products with minimal environmental impact in production as far as possible.

- Our aim is to provide the guest with a natural experience, including informing them about conditions and factors for the development of fauna and species.

- Active choices based on our prerequisites always take the most sustainable option in our purchasing of equipment and consumables, and select suppliers with pronounced sustainability profiles in their production. For example, eco- and locally produced products in food selection, no use of disposables, and active sorting of all produced waste from the business to gain the recycle movement as much as possible.

- We work to be certified at the appropriate level based on our relationship to sustainability for the business. However, no certification has yet to be completed. We are at the moment applying to join “Natures best” organization in Sweden.

- Participation in various local, national or global projects that promote the positive development of the environment we operate in. For example, nature and environmental measures or projects that raise public awareness of everyone's influence both positively and negatively depending on our choices about how to call for sustainability in our view of life.

- Our goal is to invest in an eco-friendly car and also refrigerator and freezer plus any other products where its possible to find more eco-friendly alternatives. We are aiming to reach the goal at the latest in December 2013.