”Buzzards are beautiful and impressive birds and it is a fantastic feeling to sit inside the cabin and watch these beauties from just a few meters.”

Watch and photograph Common Buzzards and other birds and mammals like brown bears during one day in a photo cabin. You spend the day in a small wooden cabin adapted for photographing wildlife. And you can bring your children too!
This cabin is adapted to photograph wild animals. Most of our guests come during May through August when bears can be seen almost every day. The prime brown bear watching season ends in August, but during September there is still a fairly good chance to see bears.

The buzzards are beautiful and impressive birds and it is a fantastic feeling to sit inside the cabin and watch these beautiful birds from just a few meters.

You will most likely see Common Buzzards and perhaps also red fox, red squirrel, woodpeckers, different types of small birds and maybe brown bear.
* 7 hours in a safe and comfortable family-friendly cabin with viewing slots, chairs and beds
* Excellent photo opportunities from the hide
* Learn more about Sweden's wildlife from your experienced guide

Arrive in Kungsberg in the morning and meet up with your guide Sara. She is a nature enthusiast and an experienced wildlife photographer. Sara is happy to show photos of her many encounters with wild animals in the surrounding forests. She will tell you about the various birds and wild animals that you have a chance to see. After some practical details of how to act and behave in the cabin to increase your chances of seeing wildlife, it's time to head to the hide-out!

After a short car ride into the wild forest you will walk 400 metres along a forest trail that takes you to the wooden cabin on a small hill. The cabin is built for wildlife viewing, and this is where you will spend the day. The guide will make sure you're settled in nicely, and then leave you in the hide for a peaceful yet exciting day of observing wildlife up close.

You're in the middle of a wild beautiful pine forest. Soft green moss covers the ground and large boulders left from the last ice age are dotted across the surrounding landscape.

You make yourself ready with your camera in one of the camera slots. It's a very meditative and serene experience to simply wait in silence, peering out from the windows facing three directions for any sign of wildlife. Sometimes you see something after just an hour of waiting, but other times you may have to wait all day and just get a glimpse of something. On most of the days however, a variety of wildlife will appear for you to see and photograph them.

Remember that these are wild birds and mammals which means they are shy so you need to be quiet not to scare them away.


The photo cabin is a hide that has views in three directions and slots for your camera. During your time in the cabin you will be able to watch the forest’s wild inhabitants, where wildlife may show up at any time. You're so close you can hear the animals communicate with each other from the cabin. Many birds and mammals come as close as just a few meters. The hide has comfortable beds if you need to rest.

There are no guarantees in the wild of course, but during the last few years during September, common buzzards have showed up almost daily along with other birds and mammals.

While this hide is fully adapted to cater for photographers, we also welcome parents with children. But never at the same time. If you come without children you will not share the cabin with children of other families. Recommended minimum age is 5 years.

Species that can be seen (based on the season 2019):
100%: Buzzard, common jay, chaffinch, great tit
50%: Bear 
Almost always: Squirrel, great spotted woodpecker, willow tit, nuthatch
Often: Grey-headed woodpecker, fox, crested tit
Sometimes: Black woodpecker, brambling, sparrow hawk, raven, crow, magpie, treecreeper, bullfinch
Rarely: Golden eagle, sea eagle, pine marten

Any day at request during 1 September – 1 October.

1500 SEK/person

Since the meeting time is in the morning it is a good idea to stay at Wild Nordics place the night before. Basic and comfortable bedrooms with shared bathroom. Accomodation 300 SEK/person. Breakfast 75 SEK/person.

Meet up at 8:30 am. You are ready to leave at around 6 pm the same day.